They came, they saw, and they royally screwed up… AGAIN!

On their 15th LAST CHANCE, 3 Muses are sent to LA from Mount Olympus—attempting to inspire a new soundtrack for the next generation. They are dressed to kill and licensed to thrill!



The Biz Case for LYRICS™ : Pure Money Magic

Our irresistible proposition is that LYRICS has the most natural… most organic… and most exciting new music competition yet conceived!

Millions love music by groups like The Eagles, Journey, Queen… bands that have collectively sold billions of albums over time.

The top 200 groups of the last generation have in fact written the soundtrack for OUR generation.

LYRICS will inspire a new soundtrack for the NEXT generation!

FACT: There are millions of musicians writing songs and need a new platform to rise from obscurity to fame and fortune.

Which is why shows like IDOL and AGT have staying power.

We combine the best of ALL worlds!

“ Because LYRICS is a sexy, music-driven, murder series where our Muses inspire and influence NEW music on the week's theme -- we actually CREATE the soundtrack for the NEXT generation. ”

For example, our Pilot is based on the music of the Eagles —Victim of Love, Witchy Woman, Take it to the Limit, Life in the Fast Lane, and of course, Hotel California.

So, we push social media to get NEW talent to write a NEW song (maybe Steely Knives Killed the Beast or Tequila Shots ~ Witchy Nights) but in the same exact vibe as if Henley, Frey, and Joe Walsh actually wrote it!

The world votes on the LYRICS channel…we choose the best of the best…and that becomes our walk-off song that week.

Better, these folks become our best audience as they push eyeballs to their submissions.

In the end, we have a unique new library to stream…AND… we do a short season contest where all the weekly winners compete to become LYRICS SuperStars.

Think about the potential.

7-8 million weekly viewers fully engaged at the murder level… PLUS… the music of the week… PLUS the new kid on the block making the soundtrack for the NEXT generation!

Pure Money MAGIC!

The Quick Big Picture

LYRICS is the greatest unexploited opportunity in television today. It is the only series ever conceived that has a built-in music contest to rival IDOL or AGT. It radically improves the hit-based music structure of GLEE and combines the storyline with sexy, high energy murder mysteries like Castle, Mentalist, Burn Notice, Cold Case, or CSI/NCIS.

What makes LYRICS captivating is exploring the fantasy superhero characters—muses with superpowers that rival Thor, Wonder Woman, and captivate like Game of Thrones, Dr. Who or Buffy.

LYRICS is like a plucky Charlie’s Angels, a musical-driven murder series that is fearless, spirited, and mettlesome. Set in the thick and gritty reality of modern-day LA and inspired by the top hits that have energized our lives for years, we explore the vast world of corruption, murder, and music, as our Muses tell the stories behind the world’s most beloved songs.



Pure Twisted Magic

Rosalie here with a little clarity about our series vision.

LYRICS™ is a TWISTED love story—but not the way you might think.


The pure and unabashed love of MUSIC created in this TWISTED, screwed-up world…

Where the polarization between the entitled, privileged, and corrupt versus the REST of us… grows wider… every day.

Finding and nurturing love in such a TWISTED, dystopian world is the challenge of the ages.

LYRICS™ is the TWISTED and tortured story behind the songs we love… and are still being created today.

“ Sure, it's about the psychopathic love between an evil queen (LA's wicked DA) and her college lover turned hit woman... The personification of pure evil: The-Ruby-Rope-Killer. ”

But, LYRICS™ is also about the endless love stories with happy and tragic endings that form the connective tissue of every song ever written.

Yes, LYRICS™ provides plot-twists the rival SCANDAL… REVENGE… and the best of Law and Order…

Pure Twisted Magic!

A Little Character Development: Pure Wicked Magic

Rosalie here again to drill down to a little…

“character development”

To move beyond the broad strokes…

To the exciting inner workings of LYRICS!

At its core, LYRICS™ is a twisted, tortured love story between two psychopaths…

“ Much like the love slash hate relationship between Fitz, the President of the United States and Olivia Pope in Scandal... or the venomous hate slash hate animosity between Amanda slash Emily Thorn and the evil queen, Victoria Grayson in Revenge... ”

LYRICS™ examines the forbidden love between beautiful, bi-sexual women who are driven by two primal emotions: sex and power.

Both, our corrupt LA DA and her enforcer-hit-woman, find the thrill of the kill in the same league as the power to control — the perfect example of the old saying that “power corrupts… absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Exposing this nerve of corruption while we see new music being produced in this corrosive environment is the true miracle of creation… what we call The Soul of Music.

There is no question that the story BEHIND the song reflects the eternal quest to express our deepest fears… our deepest feelings… and our deepest hopes and dreams.

LYRICS™ connects our hopes and dreams against the backdrop of fear and terror we live every single day…

Pure Wicked Magic!

Rosalie here one more time to wrap LYRICS in a beautiful red rope for you! (Hold red rope menacingly)

We’ve talked about vision, direction, and why LYRICS is a show with long, beautiful legs… literally and figuratively!

But the heart of any series is the connection between the characters and the audience.

Unlike The Mentalist, where we don’t discover Red John until the very last season, we know the WHO done it from episode 1 on.

And we also know that every murder VICTIM had the motive to ALSO be a KILLER—money, extortion, power, lust, revenge… the list is endless. (Dangle rope)

It is the twisted love relationship between the Ruby Rope Killer… known as R-R-K… and LA’s power-hungry DA that is exposed over time.

Together, they run the largest crime syndicate… escort services, adult clubs, and music production in the USA—from LA to Miami to Vegas to New York City.

Much like SPECTER in James Bond, The Mr. Franks crime agency, is a syndicate more entrenched in our daily life than Murder Incorporated, the mob, or even the cartels!

The story is about exposing the big LIE and the big WHY.

“ We get to know these monsters on a deeply personal level... sometimes disgusting, sometimes sympathetic... but always engaging and thoroughly entertaining... Much like the villainous relationships in Revenge, Scandal, and Burn Notice.”

Yes, LYRICS features lots of body-drops, crimes of passion and crimes of opportunity to solve.

But in the end, in the midst of our dysfunctional society, beautiful new music is gifted to us and the rest of the world… a new soundtrack for our next generation.

Simply put…

Pure Entertainment Magic!


LYRICS is about the intervention of Muses in our lives for the purpose of inspired creation in a pre-dystopian society – a sexy Rom-Com-Styled, Music-Driven, Murder Mystery on the road to inspiring new music for boomers and bloomers. It connects emotionally, visually excites, and amuses (pun intended)!


LYRICS is the story of three muses down to their 15th last chance—the laughingstock of everyone up on mythological Mount Olympus- but their world completely changes when they get sent down to Earth, more precisely, Los Angeles, California.


LYRICS is a fusion of music, murder, and muses built around a talent competition that tells the story—under the worst possible, real world circumstances—behind the songs we love and the people who create them.

Tone & style.

LYRICS is a story for everyone that enjoys music and finds relief and happiness through songs. LYRICS offers both entertainment for music lovers and true crime aficionados. We know that crime and detective stories will always be the subject of popular conversation, so we bring Sparks and his troubled family arc to the story.


LYRICS is about exploring the story behind the song— the soul of music! Think about all the great music artists you’ve heard over time, it is an infinite list, right? Muses will be hugely influenced by a vast array of songs that will showcase the grit and creativity needed to look deep into our collective souls —with massive chaos erupting around the artist and feel the lost chord that defines the time in which the music must be birthed, then permitted to evolve into the world’s psyche.

Music Contest.

Since LYRICS is about creating the soundtrack for the next generation, we will create a NEW song in the same genre and vibe as the week’s featured artist.

The Main Characters.

Our Three Muses

Mira, Erika, and Tiana are sent down to earth from Mount Olympus after a long series of perpetual misfires. They are on their 15th last chance and they are known in the clan as the screwup muses, not muses for the screwup-challenged on earth needing their help. The reason behind their banishment is up for grabs. Is it because they weren’t up to the standards of the other six muses? Is it a call for change? Was it because it was long ago in the middle ages when they only inspired a mediocre “gospel hit” at the Vatican’s boys choir? None of it matters, as they now find themselves in LA, without the possibility to go back until they redeem themselves.


The Supporting Characters.

Detective Espinosa
Detective Brenda Ackerman
Lulu Cheng (alias Mr. Frank)

Potential talent.

Emily VanCamp

Revenge, Falcon and The

Kevin Chapman

Person of Interest, CODA

Morena Baccarin

The Mentalist, Gotham

Tim Dekay

 White Collar, Second Chance

Gabrielle Anwar

Burn Notice, Once Upon a

Shane West

Nikita, Salem

Colin Ferguson

Eureka, Coupling

Salli Richardson

Eureka, Stitchers

Titus Welliver

Bosch, Deadwood 

The Pilot.

Take it to the Limit/Life in the Fast Lane With the Witchy Woman The Pilot opens with exciting flash-forward scenes. It’s midnight on the Hollywood strip. The worst lightning storm in a millennium has just shut down the entire power grid leaving all SOCAL in the dark. Jets have been scrambled from March AFB due to the possibility of an alien invasion, as “weirdness” has been recorded by TMZ over Mount Olympus in the Hollywood hills. Establishing shot is the Villain’s Lair (1967 Mount Olympus Dr.)

Season flow.

LYRICS is a music driven crime show (think True Crime + Glee) as the back story, where the principle actors are muses helping people create magic in this toxic society we now live in.

Our 3 prime muses, plus cameo performances are thrown out of their element (which is to inspire people to write timeless songs) and now need to inspire a woman from the Innocence Project to get a wrongfully convicted musician off death row. Plot complications and real life drama ensue… effectively told as flashbacks and backstory.

Muse Powers.

SuperHeroes or not?

Are the muses omnipotent and do not have issues themselves, or are they affected by the “kryptonite” found in today’s toxic society?

As the muses engage in the creative process, are they just touch-points where something they say, do, leave behind, etc. is the mechanism they use to indirectly influence the writer/ performer through dreams or straightforward messages?

Muse Droppings.

How do our Muses work?

They work invisibly but are highly visible, they drop notes, leave books open with passages highlighted, draw signs, put up billboards, digital ticker tapes (what the client sees is not what the world sees) songs on the radio, TV, movies, where the message is given to the client quite subtlety.

Franchise potential.

At every level LYRICS excites, inspires, motivates, challenges and rewards our audience with an emotional connection between the songs they love and the stories that have become deeply interwoven into our very soul. We will use an extensive, almost infinite catalog of crowd-pleasing songs that will keep our audience engaged, as they wait for their favorite band to come into the story, at the same time they discover their new favorite group.